LOOK: Richard, Lucy’s daughter Juliana turns 15

LOOK: Richard, Lucy’s daughter Juliana turns 15

Celebrity couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres took to Instagram on Tuesday to greet their daughter Juliana, who turned 15, a happy birthday.

On her Instagram account, Torres wrote a heartwarming message that read: “When you were a little girl, you would fill up your empty milk jug with wild flowers from the garden and place it on your Daddy’s desk to welcome him home.”

“When you would see on TV news of suffering or tragedy, you would give me your piggy bank so that I could donate it on your behalf.


“You write me the sweetest little notes and make such happy drawings, all of which I have kept. Like your Daddy’s handwritten love letters to me, those are my treasures.

“One time I was so sad and you walked in on me crying. You simply stayed beside me, and with your chubby fingers holding tissue, you wiped my fat tears and said something so random that I burst out laughing.

“You have a gift for making me switch from sad to happy, in an instant. You are very much like your Daddy that way. Once, we were watching an animated video of the life of Helen Keller and you just could not stop weeping.

“You were barely 5 years old. That early, I knew you had a beautiful and compassionate heart.


“Today, you are 15 years old. Keep your heart soft, even if the world is sometimes harsh. That is your strength. Pray always, make Jesus and Mama Mary your best friends.

“Know that Daddy and I love you very much. You are our everyday bundle of joy. Thank you for all that you are — the family comedian, my very own fashion police, the proof-reader of the articles I write…

“…To my youngest and most constant best friend, I wish you all your dreams come true!”


For his part, Gomez added: “Oh my juliana, time flies so quickly. You are no longer the baby who used to sleep on my chest, the baby i walk around on a stroller, or the child i would mix a bottle of milk for before going to sleep.”

“You are now 15 but you will always be my sweet, lovely and adorable baby. I will still kiss your cheeks and your feet at night as you sleep. Iloveyou!”

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