Want a short date on Valentines Day?

Want a short date on Valentines Day?
For 300.00 only you can have a date with this man on his following conditions:
  • For a maximum of 3 hours only.
  • For a selfie and picture taking only
  • No touch
  • Good hygiene is a must. You need to bring alcohol, use it before and after your date with him.


Based from reliable source, this man is said to be the “the man of your dreams and desires” and the amount you will spend with him is worth giving. He is Richard Jericho Adalante, 22 years of age and a resident of Quezon City. He is non-working now.
You can see him now in all social media fanpage and recieving much higher offer of amount for a date.
Make your Valentine Day a memorable one. Have a date with him or waste your awesome opportunity to be with him?
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