What Causes Dandruff : When We Start At The Begining

What Causes Dandruff : When We Start At The Begining

There are a lot of misconceptions about what causes dandruff. You can have repeated tales from the past about going to bed with your hair still wet after a nice warm shower at night before going to bed. You may have also heard about individuals not frequently taking a bath because of being scared of the drying effects of shampoo on their very scalps; knowing this, most people avoid washing their hair that often because they think that this will just make their dandruff even worse. There even are stories of folklore that people who had dandruff where being cursed by people trying to get revenge on them. Their head would slowly wither away until nothing remains of their heads.

Finally, the solution – What Causes Dandruff

Unfortunately, all of these are true. Let’s try to take a biological dive into the world of science and onto the very depths of what causes dandruff. The real cause of dandruff are as follows:

  1. It is commonly a result of excessive oil production of the human skin or seborrhea (excessive production of sebum/oil by the sebaceous glands of the skin). When the skin secretes too much sebum, this becomes a conducive breeding ground for fungi. Fungi love moisture, and breed on such conditions. Part of this secretion of sebum is due to an overreactive response of the sebaceous glands to certain irritants such as shampoo, which is why we need to choose the shampoo we use in order for us to maintain a regular bath, rather than avoiding the usage of shampoo thereby avoiding frequent bathing as well.
  2. Stress is also one of the causes for dandruff. When you are too tired after a long day at work or had sleepless nights trying to finish your presentation for a board meeting or a project in school, your sebaceous glands secrete more oil or sebum than they usually do in a well-rested body. Stress also decreases the wellness of your scalps making it weak and prone to infection of certain microorganisms.
  3. Microorganisms also cause dandruff to occur in our scalps. Our scalps have a normal resident, the pityrosporum-ovle. These microorganisms are limited to a certain number which are not harmful for your scalp. However, when you use shampoos or conditioners that are too harsh for the scalp, the scalp begins to pass-out and become unhealthy. This state leads to production of unhealthy residues that attract more and more microorganisms thereby leading to scalp scaling, dryness, and eventually dandruff. These are not the only reasons as to what causes dandruff. Although most of the causes are within our bodies or on what we introduce to our bodies, other reasons are of the environment, external factors.
  4. One cause that you may have never thought of is the foods you eat. There are foods that increase your oil production or secretion, such as peanuts. Foods that increase sebum production do not only lead to dandruff but also pimple formation.
  5. Another reason for this dandruff rampage on our scalps is the season itself. Dandruff has been seen to be less occuring during the warm seasons. However, it is more rampant during the cold weather. The warm weather keeps our heads dry. Warmth or heat promotes better circulation of blood through our bodies thereby aiding in the adequate nourishment of our scalps. However, in contrast to the warm seasons, cool weathers promote moisture to build up. And when there is moisture, microorganisms are also present. Whenever the number of microorganisms increase to a certain number more than what is normally found in our body, as mentioned above, you better start buying your anti-dandruff shampoos.

To know is never enough – What Causes Dandruff

Whatever the causes of dandruff are, the point will always be simple. Since this condition is basically that which you can avoid simply by watching the food you eat, keeping your body in shape and avoiding too much stress, avoiding exposure to too much cold, and keeping your body, most especially your scalp, clean and dry. Look smart, be on the alert, and do what you can because now you know what causes dandruff.


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