Eating late at night causes memory loss

Eating late at night causes memory loss

A recent study has showed that eating late at night may be the cause of memory loss.
According to the study, if you eat around the time that people often spend to sleep, it will alter the activity of a brain region which dominates memory and critical thinking.

Researchers the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Medicine confirmed dining in the inappropriate time period would affect metabolism, which can lead to pre-diabetes condition, affecting mental functions.
“Taking regular meals at the wrong time of day has far-reaching effects for learning and memory,” said the study’s author Dawn Loh. “Since many people find themselves working or playing during times when they’d normally be asleep, it is important to know that this could dull some of the functions of the brain.”
The researchers emphasize that although this is research result on mice but has significant implications to human.
Modern schedules can lead us to eat around the clock so it is important to understand how the timing of food can impact cogitation

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